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  1. morinda tahitian noni distributor
    811 ne 199th street
    miami, fl 33179
    Contact: barbara williams
    Title: president
    Phone: 305 651-2477
    Fax: 305 477-2958
    E-mail: ladyb90253@aol.com


    become a morinda product distributor. earn a lucrative salary. you will sell tahitian noni juice. this is a nutriential drink that wil lower high blood pressure. help with systems of asthma, bronchitis, increas energy levels. This product is good for several ailments
    Posted July 25, 2001

  2. Gammons BBQ Seasonings
    19811 S.W. 119th. Ave.
    Miami,  Fl 33177
    United States
    Contact: Lawrence Gammons Jr.
    Title: President
    Phone: 1-866-426-6662
    Fax: 305-251-2759
    E-mail: GamsBBQs@yahoo.com
    Homepage: http://www.GammonsSeasonings.com


    Gammons BBQ Seasoning is a unique blend of herbs and spices that gives your entree a tender delicious flavor that make your taste buds scream with enjoyment.Please try this unique new taste that is so delicious there is "No sauce is needed"Please call toll free 1-866-426-6662.We accept all major credit cards.Please allow 48 hour prior to shipping.Please send fax orders to 305-251-2759.
    Posted July 25, 2001 - Revised October 13, 2001

    14135 NW 7AVE
    NORTH MIAMI ,FL  33168
    Contact: SHARON ORTIZ
    Phone: 786-8536682
    E-mail: matthews@STIS.net
    Posted July 25, 2001

  4. Visions Of The Fleece
    22400 Old Dixie Hwy. Cauley Square
    Miami, FL 33170
    Contact: Mohamed Bouhajrah
    Title: Marketing & Sales Manager
    Phone: 305-258-3304
    Fax: 305-258-2328
    E-mail: Mediouna@aol.com
    Homepage: http://www.see-my-site.com/visions


    Oriental Moroccan carpets 100%wool, all design and sizes. Berber collectible rugs, one of a kind. Moroccan decorative accessories(lamps,pottery wooden boxes from African Thuya wood, decorative pillows,cigars humidors,handpainted tiles) We are adding more things from Morocco.
    Posted April 17, 1998

  5. Ebony Ember Productions
    P.O. Box 58623
    Philadelphia, PA 19102-8623
    FAX: (215)386-3297
    Contact: Raymond S. Jones, President

    Business Description:

    Original or Custom Logo Designs on Watches (high quality, gold plated, water resistant, lifetime warranty) and T-Shirts (100% cotton, silk screened)... Retail... Wholesale... Fund Raisers

P.O. Box 42792
Philadelphia, PA. 19101
Attention: Ronald F. Smith, P.E.

E-Mail to: BlackMiami@hotmail.com

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