Miscellaneous Businesses

  1. The Embrace Foundation For Inner City Girls
    6600 N.W. 27th Avenue - Suite A-2
    Miami, Fl  33147
    Contact: Velma R. Lawrence
    Title: Executive Director
    Phone: (305) 357-2629
    Fax: (305) 357-2625
    E-mail: vscript@aol.com


    The Embrace Foundation, Inc., Sisterhood Academy of Excellence Program is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization created to embrace, encourage and empower young girls ages 10-17 growing up in South Florida's inner-city neighborhoods.
    Posted July 25, 2001

  2. First Coast Mobile Detailing
    11737 Mallard Ln.
    Jacksonville, FL 32218
    Contact: Anthony D. Coleman
    Title: Owner
    Phone: (904) 757-8575
    E-mail: GinaT37@aol.com
    Posted December 8, 1998

  3. It's Your Wedding
    P.O.Box 3084
    Tampa, Fl 33601
    Contact: Lynnetta Davis-DeJerinett/b>
    Title: Consultant/Owner
    Phone: 813-681-9261
    E-mail: lasheena@gte.net
    Posted August 25, 1998

  4. Williams Subpoena Services
    P.O.Box 12856
    2620-10th Street South
    St.Petersburg, FL 33733
    Contact: Carl H Williams
    Title: Owner/ Process Server
    Phone: (813)230-6561
    Fax: (813)827-4841
    E-mail: carlhwilliams@email.msn.com


    Certifed/Special Process Server in the Tampa Bay area of Pinellas/Hillsborough counties.Serve all non-enforceable legal papers.Call/write for rates.
    Posted May 20, 1998

  5. Teddy's Wax
    Timuquana Rd. # 122
    Jacksonville, FL 32210
    Contact: Teddy Leonard
    Title: President
    Phone: (904)993-4891
    E-mail: 7601Teddy@msn.com
    Posted March 6, 1998

P.O. Box 42792
Philadelphia, PA. 19101
Attention: Ronald F. Smith, P.E.

E-Mail to: BlackMiami@hotmail.com

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